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Severe burns at construction sites

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2022 | Construction Accidents

Construction sites have a number of dangers unique to the industry. This includes the possibility of a worker suffering from severe burns.

While burn injuries can happen to anyone at any time, workers in construction or industrial settings might be at a higher risk for burn injuries in general. This especially applies to third-degree burns.

Burn injury severity by degree

Healthline takes a look into the different categories of burn injury severity. First-degree burns are not typically serious, and most sunburns fall into this category.

Likewise, while second-degree burns are more severe and will require medical attention, they are not typically life-threatening or cause long-term or complex damage.

Potential nerve damage

On the other hand, third-degree burns can be life-altering. Victims who suffer from third-degree burns could damage the nerves in the area, losing their sense of feeling temporarily or even permanently. They could have to deal with nerve-related pain instead of numbness.

Burns will appear black or white, and will often affect many layers of flesh even all the way down to the bone. This could be incredibly painful, or it might not feel like anything depending on the state of the nerves.

The possibility of scarring

On top of that, these burns leave disfiguring scars for many, and unfortunately, insurance does not often cover reconstructive surgery as it is considered elective even for burn injury victims.

All third-degree burns require immediate medical attention regardless of their location and size. Workers who suffer from a serious burn on the job should take steps to get it treated immediately.


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