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How to respond to police misconduct

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2022 | Civil Rights Violations

The police are a vital part of society for keeping the peace. The high level of responsibility means law enforcement officers have an elevated standard to uphold.

Unfortunately, police misconduct can still cause civil rights issues as there is no guarantee that all officers will fulfill their responsibilities. To facilitate the possibility of receiving justice, Brooklyn residents can consider steps to take if they encounter police misconduct.

Documenting the incident

The most important thing to do during and after an incident of alleged police misconduct is to document the incident with pictures and video. If possible, someone should try to obtain eyewitness accounts from anyone who may have seen the incident.

Contact information of bystanders can prove essential for establishing the facts. It is also important to write down the events in detail to preserve a clear memory of events.

Finding medical help

If the misconduct involves physical violence, injured individuals do well to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Treatment not only helps a person heal physically but also provides documentation of injuries resulting from the incident. Assistance may include professional counseling to process trauma and provide emotional support.

Filing a claim

After gathering the necessary information and receiving medical treatment, the individual can file a Notice of Claim. Prompt action can improve the odds of a favorable outcome. There is a 90-day deadline for filing, but the court could allow an extension of a year beyond that time. Filing the Notice of Claim also requires following specific guidelines for proper processing.

Police misconduct remains a serious issue, but calm and deliberate action can help people seek justice and preserve their rights.


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