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3 types of injuries construction workers commonly face

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2023 | Construction Accidents

By its very nature, construction labor involves a number of risks that can lead to accidents. It’s physically demanding work that occasionally involves working at heights or in hazardous situations, as well as operating large machinery. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that it can lead to some horrible accidents and serious injuries.

Three of the most frequent accidents that happen on a construction site are listed below.

There’s a risk of falling from heights

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration names the industry as one of the most hazardous due to the nature of the work.

Workers may be expected to work on top of tall buildings, in precarious conditions like on scaffolding, or fixing dangerous constructions. In these circumstances it’s easy to lose your footing, making slips and falls likely as a result.

Additionally, there is also a chance of falling into ditches and deep holes when carrying out construction on roads or on underground structures.

Cuts and injuries from using power tools

Construction sites require a tough and powerful set of tools to cut through materials such as metal and concrete. Accidents using tools on the job site frequently result in workers cutting themselves and there’s even the risk of losing limbs.


There are lots of hazards on a construction site that increase the risk of electrocution. Working with machinery, coming into contact with faulty electrical wiring, and working at heights all raise the possibility that employees will sustain electrical burns.

Being injured on the construction site can leave you with financial worries. If you were injured in an accident, you shouldn’t have to suffer as a result. An award of compensation can help you with paying the bills until you can work again.



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