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City streets are safer than rural roads

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2023 | Car Accidents

Driving in the city can sometimes be complicated. There is a lot of traffic, and you also have to pay attention to things like cyclists and pedestrians. This can make it feel daunting to drive in the city, especially for those who aren’t used to doing so.

However, this sometimes leads to the false assumption that a city street is going to be more dangerous than a relatively simple road. After all, that rural road is probably just two lanes going in opposite directions, it likely has relatively light traffic levels and everything just seems easier to navigate. So why is it that statistics show that rural roads are more dangerous and lead to a higher rate of fatal accidents?

Higher speeds lead to worse outcomes

One of the major reasons for the difference is that the speed limits are higher on these roads. Accidents may be less common because the traffic levels are lower and the roads aren’t as complex, but the accidents that do happen are much more likely to be fatal.

Getting to the hospital can be harder

Another thing to consider is that it takes much longer to get to the hospital. In most cases, someone in the city will only be a few minutes from a medical center. But it could take an hour to get someone from a rural accident scene to a hospital, and that’s a lot of critical time.

Have you been injured?

Despite the fact that rural roads are more dangerous, it is clear that accidents happen in both settings and can lead to serious injuries. Those who have been hurt need to know about their legal options to seek compensation.


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