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Is your kidney disease a misdiagnosis?

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2023 | Medical Malpractice

Kidney disease misdiagnosis happens more often than it should. The most common problems are the doctor confusing the issue with something else or defaulting to kidney disease due to age.

When misdiagnosis occurs, you could receive treatments you do not need and have the treatment for your actual condition delayed. It is way too common for doctors to believe seniors have kidney disease when they do not due to certain factors.

Age-related issues

One of the top reasons why doctors may misdiagnose kidney disease as what is wrong is because they do not have the latest research on seniors and kidney health. New research shows that kidney function naturally declines as people age. Doctors may classify this as a problem when it is not something worthy of concern.

Communication issues

Another factor that leads to misdiagnosis is when doctors do not pay attention to their patients. You may have information that he or she needs to properly diagnose you, but if the doctor is unwilling to listen and writes off your concerns because of your age, it can lead to issues. Doctors need to continue to provide the same level of care and concern regardless of age. Such ageism has no room in medicine because it helps nobody. You have the right to speak up and have the doctor take what you say seriously.

The bottom line is that doctors too often diagnose seniors with kidney disease when they do not have this condition. It leads to needless expenses and treatments. It can also delay the diagnosis of other issues that require care.


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