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What is torticollis?

On Behalf of | Jun 30, 2023 | Medical Malpractice

During a difficult delivery, many things can go wrong. Sometimes, parents find themselves in the middle of a very traumatic situation, and they may not fully realize what is happening. For example, if a mother is not making progress with respect to childbirth, a doctor could recommend the use of a vacuum device to deliver the baby. Unfortunately, this can increase the chances of serious problems, such as torticollis.

Parents who find out that their child has torticollis may have no familiarity with this term. It is essential for parents to look into potential causes, understand this condition and review treatment options.

An overview of torticollis

MedlinePlus provides basic information on torticollis, a condition that affects some babies. When a newborn has torticollis, their neck muscles cause their head to tilt sideways. Also known as wry neck, torticollis can occur for a wide variety of reasons.

Sometimes, this condition results from genetic issues, problems in the nervous system, issues with respect to blood supply and the position of a baby’s head in the womb. However, torticollis can also occur as a result of negligence during delivery, such as the improper use of a vacuum extractor.

Dealing with torticollis

It is crucial for parents who find out that their child has torticollis to remain calm and try to work through the situation carefully. A number of strategies can help address a child’s torticollis, and it is imperative for parents to reach out to medical professionals right away. In addition, if parents believe that their child’s torticollis occurred due to a doctor’s negligence, they should examine the incident carefully and identify the best course of action.


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