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September 2016 Archives

Is bullying in NYC schools a civil rights violation?

A class-action lawsuit regarding bullying in New York City public schools has recently been brought against the New York City Department of Education. The lawsuit alleges that there is an atmosphere of violence and harassment in these schools that deprives students of their right to safely receive an education. The suit was filed in New York's Eastern District and names both the DOE and its chancellor, Carmen Farina.

Will your car soon start watching you behind the wheel?

Indeed, while you are behind the wheel, you are supposed to watch other cars and look out for hazards; whether it is debris in the road, animals crossing the road, or bicyclists who may not be paying attention. With all the advancements being offered through crash avoidance systems, where the car watches out for external hazards that the driver may not see, it is only a matter of time before your car starts watching you.

Why rules about driverless cars are critical for safety

What used to be largely considered science fiction is growing ever so closer when it comes to autonomous vehicles. Several automakers including Toyota, Mercedes Benz and General Motors, as well as tech giant Google are working on driverless cars. Some aspects of these vehicles can already be seen on cars right now, such as parking assist and crash avoidance systems that use tiny cameras and radar to detect vehicles (or objects) that could be hazards. In addition to these scanning devices, some cars have auto braking systems that will stop the car before the driver may be able to react.

Things you should never do after an accident

It may be very difficult to maintain your composure after a car accident. You may be shocked and scared, or even feel some sense of guilt over what just happened. However, there are a number things that can harm your legal position that you may not consider. As such, this post will highlight some important things that you should NOT do after a car crash.

Do undocumented resident workers have rights?

Workers who have illegally entered the country often end up being taken advantage of by unscrupulous employers or those who simply don't understand the state and federal labor laws. As one of the 5 percent of the U.S. labor force that is undocumented, you might be told by your boss or supervisor that you have no legal rights. But once an undocumented worker is hired by an employer, they have many of the same worker rights as those who have legal visas or are U.S. residents.

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