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How do TBIs typically happen on construction sites?

On Behalf of | Apr 5, 2024 | Construction Accidents

In the busy and industrial world of construction, dangers are always around. Traumatic brain injuries, also known as TBIs, happen more often than people realize.

Workers struggling with one may have issues returning to work or moving around freely. It is important to know how these injuries usually occur.

Falls from high places

One of the biggest reasons for TBIs on construction sites is falls. Whether it is scaffolding giving way or a ladder breaking, falls can lead to serious head injuries. Workers might get concussions or even break their skulls when they hit the ground or something else on the way down.

Strikes from objects

Construction sites are full of action, with workers constantly using large machines and moving materials around. However, this also means there is a risk of getting hit by an object. Whether it is a falling tool or flying debris, these incidents can lead to TBIs ranging from mild concussions to severe brain trauma.

Accidents with vehicles

Construction sites often have trucks, forklifts and cranes moving around, which can lead to crashes. These accidents can cause serious head injuries if a worker gets hit or caught between vehicles.

Slips and trips

Uneven ground, cluttered paths and slippery surfaces can all cause accidents on construction sites. Workers may slip or trip and fall, leading to TBIs upon impact with the ground or nearby objects. Even seemingly minor falls can result in concussions or other traumatic brain injuries, highlighting the importance of maintaining a clean and hazard-free work environment.

Unsafe work conditions

When those in charge do not follow safety rules, workers are more likely to get TBIs. Failing to give workers the right safety gear or proper training can lead to accidents that cause head injuries.

The suddenness of a TBI makes it a serious and terrifying type of injury. By understanding these risks, those in charge can create safer construction sites.


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