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Bully victims have legal recourse in New York

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2017 | Civil Rights Violations

We often think of bullying as something that happens in the schoolyard, something that kids tend to work out between themselves. However, with advances in technology, bullying is not something that takes place only in the schoolyard. It follows our children home, occurs in the middle of the night and has resulted in countless tragedies. Furthermore, it is not something that solely occurs between students. Cases of teachers and administrators engaging in bullying against students have also been known to happen.

Most states, including New York, have adopted anti-bullying laws to protect our children. This means that if your child has been a victim of verbal, mental or physical bullying, you may be able to legal action. A Brooklyn attorney can help you navigate the court process to get justice for your child. Read further to find out more about federal regulations and state anti-bullying laws.

Promoting school safety

Anti-bullying laws exist to help limit actions that people perceive as intimidating, harassing or threatening. The hope is that with such laws in place, schools will become safer, with fewer instances of violent behavior. Under these regulations, schools must provide training to help prevent bullying. If students violate school policies, the school has the right to suspend or expel them.

Types of bullying

Bullying can take many forms. It does not have to consist solely of rumor spreading or posting mean messages on social media sites. Bullying could also include wearing clothing that intimidates, such as gang-related items. In general, any act that is offensive, threatening or harmful, either physically, verbally or mentally, is seen as a form of bullying.

Federal regulations

Laws are in place to protect your child’s right to an equal education. This means that if the school does not take action to prevent a bullying situation, thereby denying your child his or her rights, you may be able to sue the school or the district for failing in its duty.


In addition to suspension and expulsion, students that violate anti-bullying laws may have to face other penalties as well. The offender may be subject to fines and criminal charges. Depending on how severe the act was, the court might also require jail time.

If your child is being victimized at school, you can take legal action and stand up for your child’s rights. Not only can you act against the bully, but you might also take action against the school for its failure to prevent the situation.


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