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New York construction accidents: Workers injured in explosion

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2017 | Construction Accidents

There can be many reasons a construction worker might get hurt on the job. From falls to machinery failures, construction accidents are not uncommon. However, some injuries occur in ways companies do not expect. Two New York construction workers were recently injured in an explosion.

The men involved in the incident were contractors performing utility work. According to officials, the two men were working within a manhole when it suddenly exploded. A witness who works in a nearby store stated that she heard a loud “boom,” and the lights in her store flickered. A spokesman for the utility company said that the cause of the explosion is still currently unknown.

Other nearby contractors worked to free the men from the manhole following the accident. The witness reported that the men were shaking and seemed dizzy, and colleagues had them sit down until the fire department could arrive. Both men suffered flash burns to their faces and were taken to the hospital.

When employees are seriously injured, they may have to miss work for a significant time in order to recover. When this happens, they may decide to file workers’ compensation claims to make up for lost wages they may face. Additionally, any monetary damages awarded from a successful claim could be used to help pay medical bills and any other expenses related to the accident. Any workers injured in construction accidents could consult experienced New York attorneys to learn more about these types of claims and to obtain assistance in filing them.

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