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Types of accidents at a construction site

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2021 | blog, Construction Accidents

Although construction companies are enforced by New York City and state laws to ensure that safety is a top property, the fact is that accidents still occur. One of the best ways to prevent accidents is to know what types of issues can occur. The following includes some of the most common construction site accents and where to implement safety measures.


Unfortunately, one of the most common construction accidents that occur is electrocution. Because a construction site is not completed, it means that live wires could be left out in the open with little to no protection. Although leaving live wires lying around is not allowed, it does occur. This can be prevented by providing employees with the proper PPE and training.

Being hit by heavy objects

If you’ve ever stepped into a construction site, then you know that you’re likely to be provided with a hard helmet. The reason for that is because heavy items are being stored at various points of the structure that may suddenly fall. However, injuries and deaths are still reported each year. An employer, as well as their employees, must ensure that items such as materials and tools are secured after each use.

Slips and falls

Due to a large number of materials in a construction site, the chances of slipping or falling are very high. You simply have to be on guard throughout your entire time there. In many cases, construction companies will emphasize clear signs regarding uneven floors and tripping hazards, to name a few.

Being injured on the job can change a person’s life for years. That is why it is so important to consult with an attorney as soon as you possibly can after an injury. An attorney may be able to ensure that your medical and living costs are taken care of while you recover.


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