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Strong winds and traffic crash risks

On Behalf of | May 8, 2022 | Car Accidents

Weather can lead to a traffic crash for many reasons and if you find yourself involved in such a collision, you could suffer debilitating injuries. While many drivers realize the dangers associated with ice, snow, heavy rain and fog, you should also pay attention to strong winds. In fact, wind can increase the likelihood of a collision on the road in various ways.

Additionally, reckless drivers (such as those who speed or drink and drive) become especially dangerous when weather conditions deteriorate. When a driver’s negligence leads to an accident during poor weather, victims need to hold them answerable.

Different ways wind can lead to an accident

The Federal Highway Administration outlines some of the different ways that strong wind can result in a traffic accident. For example, wind can cause lanes to become obstructed as a result of wind-blown debris and wind-driven snowdrifts. Strong winds can cause tree branches to fall down and result in downed power lines, which can increase the chances of a crash.

In addition, wind can also adversely affect visibility. For example, wind can blow smoke, dust and snow, making it difficult for drivers to see the road, other vehicles and hazards.

Recovering from a wind-related traffic accident

A car accident could leave you with painful injuries, mental trauma and financial challenges due to hospital bills and missed work. In the wake of a car crash, it is essential to pore over the details of the accident. You should take various factors into account, and if you believe that the behavior of another driver caused the accident, you must gather evidence and take action promptly.


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