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How can unexpected falls on construction sites happen?

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2022 | Construction Accidents

As you walk around a construction site, you will likely encounter many areas or items that can lead to a serious injury.

However, these situations may not appear obvious at first glance. Learning more about how falls happen on a construction site and what leads to them can help you if you are dealing with an injury.

Height and platforms

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, climbing up on a scaffold can lead to more danger if the platforms are not secure. If a worker has not checked for safety hazards or if your workplace does not have the proper fall protection, then you can easily fall off the platform and harm your head or spine.

A loose tool that a worker forgot to put away can also cause you to lose your balance and slip and fall.

Unsafe metal pieces and bars

While you may feel used to working around rebar or seeing metal bars sticking up out of the ground, they can also harm your limbs or midsection if they are not properly capped. Any bar or piece of metal with a sharp edge is a serious threat to your safety if you trip or fall.

Poor construction

While constructing a platform or a walkway, open areas and weak beams can lead to a worker tripping and falling without warning. Holes on the floor or a lack of a fall arrest system can leave you injured and struggling to walk or breathe normally in the time after you fall.

Staying aware of how falls happen is one way to help decide what to do after a construction accident.


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