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Data on traffic collisions involving motorcyclists

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2022 | Car Accidents

Riding a motorcycle can provide a sense of freedom, but you need to recognize the risks that you face. Statistics reveal the devastating impact of motorcycle collisions, leaving many victims with significant injuries and resulting in lost lives. Sadly, these crashes take place for different reasons, and motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable whenever an accident occurs on the road.

On top of going over motorcycle crash risk factors, drivers and motorcyclists should take a close look at data on these accidents in order to understand the scope of this problem and prioritize traffic safety.

Facts and figures on motorcycle collisions

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published data on motorcycle crash injuries and deaths during 2020. Throughout 2020, motorcycle accidents resulted in over 180,000 emergency department visits due to injuries, and over 5,500 motorcyclists lost their lives over the course of the year.

The CDC reports that helmets lower the chances of a motorcyclist suffering a head injury, and that helmets saved the lives of more than 1,800 motorcyclists in 2017. However, you could suffer a wide range of injuries if you become struck by a negligent driver, regardless of whether you wear a helmet and take other precautionary measures.

Facing challenges after a motorcycle collision

Whether you take time off work, endure unbearable pain or cannot afford medical bills, a motorcycle accident could shatter your life. It is pivotal to carefully review the ins and outs of an accident afterward, and if another driver’s negligent actions led to the crash, you need to take a firm stand for your rights.


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