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What complications can follow a C-section?

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2022 | Medical Malpractice

A cesarean section may be imperative when you have a baby. Some doctors recommend C-sections for mothers with multiple babies when labor does not progress normally or when a baby rests in an awkward position.

According to WebMD, doctors may perform a C-section as an emergency during labor or as planned if the mother has certain risk factors. Complications can occur during a C-section due to medical mistakes and errors.

Complications and risks to your health

A C-section is major surgery with various risk factors. One of the most common risks includes blood clots and hemorrhaging. During the surgery, the surgeons work within close proximity of your bladder and intestines. It is possible for them to injure other organs while operating. Additionally, severe infections can result due to improper care of the surgical site.

If you had a previous C-section before having a vaginal delivery, you could risk tearing your uterus along the scar line. Additionally, you could have trouble with the placenta in the future. Doctors should take special care if they know you had a previous C-section.

Complications and risks to the baby

Babies have fewer risks of complications after a C-section birth. Generally, the risk to your baby from the doctor operating includes scrapes and nicks during the procedure. Additionally, babies may react to your anesthesia.

Medical negligence during a C-section can seriously injure you or your baby. It can also impact your ability to have children later in life. Injuries may occur due to a lack of sterilization and failure to adhere to procedures during surgery.


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