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3 consequences that could follow your misdiagnosis

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2022 | Medical Malpractice

An unknown health condition could send you to a hospital in New York where you anticipate coming away with an answer. Finding out that the diagnosis you received was not, in fact, accurate could send you into a tailspin.

The repercussions of a misdiagnosis can reach far and wide, threatening your well-being and quality of life. Knowing the consequences you could experience might help you prepare to advocate for yourself.

Unnecessary treatment

Putting your body through invasive treatments for no reason could cause trauma. Your bodily systems will slow down which could draw critical support away from the places that need it. Outside of the physical consequences of undergoing unnecessary treatment, the financial repercussions can be just as serious of an outcome.

Medication delay

Because of your misdiagnosis, the medication your body really needs is not given to you. In an alarming statistic shared by the Washington Post, over 20% of patients with serious medical needs initially receive a misdiagnosis. While you could have started the healing process and identified a probable treatment plan, you continue to suffer instead.

Prolonged discomfort

Accompanying prolonged discomfort, there is a real threat to your safety and well-being. The real reason you experience symptoms may run rampant and continue to spread while you await help. In serious situations, this misdiagnosis could interfere with your quality of life and shorten your life expectancy.

Because of the serious repercussions of a misdiagnosis, you deserve compensation for the trauma and damage the error caused. Advocating for your rights could prevent this same situation from happening to someone else.


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