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Can RSIs occur in construction?

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2023 | Construction Accidents

Repetitive stress or strain injuries – or RSIs – make an appearance in almost every field of employment. This includes the field of construction.

Just what are they? And are they a serious problem for the workers who suffer from them?

The nature of RSIs

Cleveland Clinic discusses RSIs in workplace situations. These injuries occur as a direct result of repetitive motion. In short, any job that requires a person to move the same body part in the same way every day for hours at a time will have the potential to cause an RSI.

To highlight how varied this is, a few of the jobs with high rates of RSIs include auto mechanics, teachers, cashiers, chefs, massage therapists, surgeons, assembly line workers and physical therapists.

Repetition in construction

It is in the nature of a job for it to come with repetitive tasks. This includes jobs in the construction field. Sometimes, these repetitive tasks involve the use of machinery or equipment, too, which can further cause repetitive stress damage to the appendages in use.

Of course, bigger threats exist within the field of construction, too. But RSIs often prove a surprise contender for debilitating injuries. This is because the only way to improve an RSI is through rest of the affected limb.

Needless to say, many people do not have copious amounts of paid time off. This can lead to overuse of an injured area, which can cause worsening pain and even the possibility of the injury needing surgery for correction.


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