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Is drowsiness behind the wheel a big deal?

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2023 | Car Accidents

Drivers mostly understand that distraction behind the wheel is a terrible idea. Despite that, many do not realize just what sort of acts constitute distracted driving.

For example, drowsiness is actually one of the most dangerous forms of distracted driving to exist.

Drowsiness vs. intoxication

The CDC discusses the drowsiness that drivers may experience when behind the wheel and what that means for driver safety.

Drowsiness actually impacts a driver in ways similar to intoxicated driving, manifesting many of the same symptoms such as slowed reflexes, trouble pinpointing danger and difficulty with reaction times.

However, many people find drowsy driving a more acceptable behavior than intoxicated driving. Some even treat it as a necessity of getting to work or school on time, and others treat it as an inevitability.

Fatalities and drowsiness

Despite that, drowsiness actually leads to a number of serious and even fatal crashes. A huge number of these accidents happen if a driver falls asleep behind the wheel. This includes crashes where the driver goes off the side of the road, or ones where they cross over the meridian and into oncoming traffic.

These incidents result in serious bodily harm and high levels of fatality both in the vehicle of the drowsy driver and in the vehicles that they may end up hitting.

Understanding the serious impact of drowsiness can help drivers learn to mitigate it and take appropriate measures to get enough sleep before getting behind the wheel. This can help cut down on serious drowsy driving incidents.


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