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Preventing the top four construction fatality causes

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2023 | blog, Construction Accidents

Do you know the top four causes of construction site fatalities? Unfortunately, these causes come up frequently in wrongful death cases on construction or demolition sites.

These are serious risks, and negligence could lead to death. Even if the event is not fatal, it could lead to a life-changing injury. It is better to prevent these hazards if possible.


Electrocution is a major risk. Some ways to avoid it include using proper lockout procedures and being especially careful with cutting equipment around powerlines.

Unfortunately, electrocution can also immobilize them on and make them more susceptible to other types of injuries, such as falls. Comprehensive security practices often mitigate these secondary risks.

Caught in between

Getting caught between two heavy objects can cause fatal trauma. In the case of a cave-in, it can also cause asphyxiation. Proper shoring is a must, as is control of all moving elements on a construction site.

Struck by

Speaking of moving objects, companies have a responsibility to maintain safety to a degree where it is not reasonably likely that a heavy object will strike you. This includes proper safety equipment on vehicles, such as mirrors and auditory signals when backing up.


Falls are a major source of fatal accidents and serious injuries. New York has many laws to prevent these types of accidents, including laws about how construction operations must install flooring during a project, how strong scaffolding must be and so on.

If you suspect that severe injury to or fatal loss of a family member was due to negligence, you might be facing a complicated situation. However, there are laws that could potentially protect your rights and help make your family whole again to the greatest extent legally possible.


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