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What are some signs of excessive force from the police?

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2024 | Civil Rights Violations

Law enforcement plays a big role in maintaining public safety, but instances of excessive force are still an issue. Citizens need to be aware of signs that indicate the inappropriate use of force by law enforcement officers.

Recognizing these signs can empower individuals to advocate for accountability.

Unjustified aggression

Excessive force often shows up as unjustified aggression. Law enforcement officers need to use force proportionate to the situation, so when aggression appears disproportionate to the perceived threat, it raises concerns. For instance, a routine traffic stop should not escalate into a violent confrontation without sufficient cause.

Prolonged use of force

Another red flag is the prolonged use of force. Officers take training so they can de-escalate situations whenever possible. When force is continuously applied after a situation has calmed down, it may mean a misuse of power. The continued use of force can lead to unnecessary harm and escalate tensions.

Lack of de-escalation attempts

Effective policing involves de-escalation techniques to defuse tense situations. If an officer fails to attempt de-escalation and immediately resorts to force, it may signal a lack of training or an inclination toward aggression. De-escalation efforts should be the primary focus before they turn to force.

Disproportionate response to resistance

While officers have the right to protect themselves, a disproportionate response to resistance can be indicative of excessive force. The level of force used should align with the level of resistance encountered. Overreacting to minimal resistance undermines the legitimacy of the officers’ actions and hurts community trust in them, as well as affecting the harmed individual physically and mentally.

Failure to provide medical assistance

After the use of force, law enforcement officers have a duty to ensure the well-being of the individuals involved. Failure to promptly provide medical help to hurt people during an incident is a concerning sign.

By raising awareness about this problem, people can work towards practices that prioritize the civil rights of all citizens. Recognizing these signs helps individuals after incidents of police brutality.


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