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A doctor’s responsibility to catch cancer ASAP

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2024 | Medical Malpractice

Detecting cancer early on can mean the difference between survival and death. Thus, doctors are the first line of defense in fighting this notorious ailment.

Physicians must recognize the potential signs of cancer the moment they become apparent.

Recognizing the signs

Doctors need to know the various symptoms and risk factors associated with cancer. While some side effects may be commonplace and not necessarily indicative of trouble, a combination of problems or the presence of certain contributing variables may warrant further investigation. A doctor needs to take patients’ concerns seriously and assess them within the context of their medical histories.

Ordering appropriate tests

When the circumstances suggest the possibility of cancer, doctors must order the appropriate exams. Options include blood tests, biopsies and imaging tests like MRIs, mammograms or CT scans. Any delay can affect the prognosis and subsequent options.

Providing a swift and scientific diagnosis

After conducting the necessary assessments, doctors are responsible for interpreting the results accurately and delivering a timely conclusion. Beyond identifying the presence of cancer, they must also specify its type and stage. A correct pronouncement is fundamental to the development of an effective treatment plan.

Referring patients to others

In many cases, treating cancer requires a team of specialists. Once a medical practitioner suspects or confirms that cancer exists, the next step is referring the patient to those who have expertise in dealing with that classification of cancer. This must happen quickly to avoid delays in starting chemotherapy or undergoing surgery.

Failure to identify cancer as soon as possible can have devastating consequences. Inattentive physicians deserve accountability. Corrections make it so anyone with the disease stands a better chance of survival.


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