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On Behalf of | Nov 9, 2020 | Construction Accidents

You don’t need us to tell you that construction is non-stop in New York, including right here in Brooklyn. What that means is that construction workers and those merely passing by construction sites are at risk of being seriously injured on a daily basis. Construction worker’s can fall from ladders and scaffolding, trip into excavation holes, or be crushed by heavy machinery, while pedestrians can be struck by falling construction debris. Regardless of how one of these construction accidents occur, the results can be tragic.

Don’t feel hopeless after being injured in a construction accident

After being hurt in a construction accident, it can be easy to slip into despair. You might find yourself overwhelmed with medical expenses and lost wages, and your injuries might be so severe that they affect your ability to enjoy life. As bleak as that may seem, you should take comfort knowing that you can take legal action to try to find some accountability and recover compensation for your damages.

Although workers generally aren’t allowed to sue their employers, New York is a little different in that New York’s Labor Law allows them to sue negligent parties. This means that you have the ability to recover more compensation than you might otherwise through a workers’ compensation claim. This means that there’s hope for securing the resources you need to obtain needed medical treatment and lock in financial stability while you focus on your recovery.

Legal assistance can help strengthen your case

Successfully pursuing a construction accident case isn’t easy, though. That’s why skilled legal teams like ours stand ready to advocate for victims. We have decades of experience handling these types of cases, which means that we know how to gather the evidence and craft the persuasive arguments that are necessary to position our clients for success. After all, we have a strong track record of successfully handling these kinds of cases.

So, if you need someone to assess your case to determine if negligence, a code violation, failure to provide adequate training or safety equipment, or other workplace safety conditions were responsible for your injuries, then continue to research our firm to see what we have to offer.


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