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August 2017 Archives

Drinking and driving often leads to car accidents

When New York drivers agree to give someone a ride, they have a duty to try to keep that passenger safe on the roadway. Getting behind the wheel while intoxicated is never safe and often leads to car accidents. One man was recently killed while riding with a driver accused of being drunk.

Construction accidents in New York may lead to fatalities

There may be many reasons an accident might occur at a workplace, especially when working at a construction site. Construction accidents may result from equipment malfunctions, generally unsafe conditions or even simple mistakes. One New York worker was recently killed and another worker was injured while on the job.

Car accidents are often fatal for New York pedestrians

Walking can be a great form of exercise and sometimes it is a more efficient way to get from one point to another compared to driving a car. Those who choose to walk should not have to be afraid of crossing the street. However, the unfortunate reality is that many pedestrians are involved in car accidents on a regular basis. One man was recently struck and killed while crossing the street near a New York airport.

Over 644,000 old warrants for minor offenses dismissed in NYC

In the face of a federal civil rights lawsuit, the NYPD has cut back on its stop-and-frisk practices and "broken windows" policing overall. Since the 1990s, the department had been aggressively enforcing minor offenses such as public drinking or riding a bike on the sidewalk. The idea was that cracking down on minor offenses in high-crime neighborhoods would set a tone that would reduce crime overall. Unfortunately, the policing practices often translated directly into racial profiling.

New York construction accidents: Workers injured in explosion

There can be many reasons a construction worker might get hurt on the job. From falls to machinery failures, construction accidents are not uncommon. However, some injuries occur in ways companies do not expect. Two New York construction workers were recently injured in an explosion.

Car accidents resulting from intoxication can be deadly

It is never acceptable to drive after consuming alcohol. However, many reckless drivers attempt to do so on a regular basis. This is a common cause of car accidents in New York and across the country. One person was recently killed and another injured in a wreck involving an alleged drunk driver.

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